Shared Experience


Short samples of what our clients think of our work.
Principal EE, Semi-Conductor Industry
We have utilized the engineering design, and documentation services of Effortless Design for over ten years. Their dedication to completing complex, high profile projects on time, or ahead of schedule has been astounding. Carol and her team always come through for us, regardless of the challenges.
Gary B
Condominium Board President
Our condo association needed to repair decaying decks on four three story buildings. They were no longer safe or up to code. Each building’s decks had different designs and some served as second means of egress. We wanted to replace the rotted materials, improve the structural stability of the decks, bring them up to code, use materials that would increase the lifespan of the decks and if at all possible keep support posts that were sound.
I contacted Carol at Effortless design. Using her engineering expertise, knowledge of code and familiarity with current materials and building practices, Carol was able to make what seemed like an overwhelming project less daunting. She improved upon the original design, satisfying code and increasing the stability of the structures. She produced technical drawings which helped the association and contractors with orderingmaterials and she consulted with the contractors on best practices and code. Carol’s expertise and problem solving ability gave us a sense of confidence about the project, saved us money and resulted in attractive, well-built, safe decks that will last for many years to come.