From home design to advanced technology, we focus on useful plans so your project can be timely and simply made. We test ideas, analyze solutions, develop well-defined details. We collaborate on-site with building and manufacturing trades to guarantee the desired product. 

With a depth of expertise in architecture, engineering and construction

less is more.

We have over 100 years of experience - much of it in advanced technology. Material designers are in short supply and generally large, advanced projects offer steady employment and skill building. 

But ordinary, everyday projects, needing access to experience and problem-solving, inspire us. With a foundation in architecture, we bring meaning and order to everyday projects and informational diagrams. Working professionally, and adding layers of best practice, brings better returns on capital investments or property improvements. We understand getting the feeling you want from a project within a responsible budget. 


Skill Sets

Using extensive experience with advanced tech and building systems, we choose and then realize concepts for better form + function. Yet, form will not function without written specifications, drawings & diagrams, code & peer reviews, estimates, material lists and agreements. 

Narratives & Diagrams


Identify the options and scope of work to manage.  We can review strategies and then develop the steps and select materials to get a project moving. Complete what is most necessary first, and where possible reduce construction to installations.



We model electro-mechanical systems for fit and compatibility. Systems cannot be assembled without understanding the configuration and layout of a tool. Functional diagrams, layouts, ratings and calculations are necessary for ISO Safety Standards or FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). 



We can review strategies and then develop the steps and materials to get a project moving. Collaborate on authentic themes and concepts for a more gracious, timeless, and connected building. Complete what is most necessary first, and use the least intensive acceptable methods. 

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