Our Future

Requires rigorous know-how

Sometimes people like to tease us, because design is hard work. However the more you develop rigorous know-how the project becomes effortless. Construction workers are in short supply so we aim to simplify and create projects where expertise is valued. Our goal is to produce projects that are good investments.  When we reduce, conserve and reuse the impact is better locally, because sustainability is vital to our future.

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When its got to get done

from extending the work day, offering concept input or finished documents, backing up your talent or outlining an action plan, we will be available to meet the timeline.

Freeman H. Fisher

For over 50 years, curiosity in all things automated and mechanical have engaged his advanced intellect. From the nano environment to pneumatic controls and plumbing systems all designed modeled, sourced and under document control. He's a licensed helicopter pilot who completed degrees at University of New Hampshire and MIT. His favorite toy, bought at auction, is his Case Backhoe.

Carol Fisher

For close to 50 years, she's been drafting/modeling to develop ideas and specify the systems for manufacture and construction. To Make and Do is her lifelong passion. With many certifications, and previous licenses, she's professionally experienced in all three -  architecture, engineering & construction. She graduated with honors from Boston University College of Engineering and Boston Architectural College. 

Freeman W. Fisher

An alum of the University of Hawaii at Manoa & Boston Latin School, he's a scholar of the greek & roman classics with the sense to get a business degree. He's worked in banking, joined HBR as a realtor assocoate, and of course design/build construction. He's in role of customer service and representative for the services the business provides. He's proud of his great grandfather's business slogan was" Ask Fisher He Know's " hence networking about the business ethos is effortless for him.